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Valentines Day - Take away, dine in or dine out?

Some consider Valentines Day to be an opportunity to treat their loved ones to romantic gestures, others may subtly show their love and others may want to indulge in food to share their love. I am certainly one of those people that will show love through food. Today I will be slow cooking beef short ribs for about 4 hours (low and slow) in a rich red wine sauce, this recipe is available by clicking on the recipe tab. I have recently been visiting the local farm/butcher where I have found the meat to be of top quality and would reccomend anyone to make the effort to buy good cuts of meat, it really does make a difference.

Whether you're cooking at home for someone you care deeply about, taking that special someone out for a meal or ordering in a takeaway, focus on quality and build up a good appetite in which to enjoy whatever it is you're doing. Happy Valentines Day to you all, have a lovely day and eat well!

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